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Expectations. All prospective parents have them. Mention “baby” and you think about how great it will be to hold this sweet smelling bundle of joy. Your son will be athletic. Your daughter a princess. You will be the best parent ever and life will be so wonderful. Or will it? Sometimes those expectations turn out, […]

Where Did My Baby Go?

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On February 22, 2001 I gave birth to the sweetest little boy anyone has ever seen. From the time he was born, he seemed to always be happy. He always rewarded anyone who looked at him with a huge toothless smile. Even when hungry, he rarely cried, and tears rarely fell from his big, blue […]

Everyone’s Opinion

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Deciding to have a child is certainly one of the biggest decisions that a person will ever make in their lifetime. Few, if any, decisions have the same impact on your life that bringing a child into the world does. But deciding to have a child is only the beginning of the decisions and uncertainties […]

First Moments

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Before I was a parent, I didn’t really appreciate how poignant the small things can be. Now that I have children, the smallest things are so important to me and seem so much more monumental than I ever thought possible. Each milestone my children reach hits me in the sentimental heart that I didn’t ever […]