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Blood Trolls

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In our upstairs family room/loft, the band is tuning up. Justin picks out riffs on his guitar, twanging them over and over. Next, Ryan kicks in––thwunk-thwunking and snarling out a litany of complaints on bass, soon joined by Blake’s crashing of cymbals. Before long, Drew has launched into song, although I use the term loosely, […]

Hell on 8 Wheels

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Photo: Tshirt by Debbie Lee I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in weeks. And surprisingly my two and four-year-old aren’t to blame. I’ve been lying in bed thinking of taglines for the Memphis Roller Derby logo, rink names for some of my new skater friends, and drills to try out at our next practice. […]

How to Get Laid

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There was a time when I fantasized about my husband coming home, grabbing me lustfully, throwing me on the bed (or the table or the kitchen counter) and making wild, monkey love to me. This is not one of those times. Men listen up. If you want to get laid there are a few things […]

From the Gentle Discipline Files

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Frazzled, new mother of two with a stern look and serious voice says, “Satchel. Do. Not. Hit. The. Baby.” Two-year-old boy with an impish grin and a far cry from his inside voice chortles, “Bwahahaha!” Dr. Sears, that prolific know-it-all, wrote that the attached child will often obey his/her parents after a disapproving glance because […]

Imelda in the Making

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Satchel sat up in bed at 5:30am and said (in his sleep), “Puppy shoes.” My almost two year old son is obsessed with shoes. At first, he just seemed excited to have shoes. He liked trying on Mommy’s and Daddy’s shoes, and was genuinely excited when he got a new pair of slippers for the […]

A Call to Arms and Breasts

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When I was in high school, I knew people who stood on the corner across from the mall holding signs that read, “Fur is dead.” Friends in college joined local chapters of Amnesty International and attended war protests. I was interested in volunteerism and serving the community, but I never really considered myself an activist. […]

Machinery I Have Loved

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The Medela Pump in Style (PIS) is the second* piece of machinery that I have actually kissed after using it for the first time. I had used a manual Avent Isis pump a few times in the first few months, but always found it taxing. The Isis saved me when my milk came in and […]

Anatomy of a Supper Club

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I am blessed with a husband who is a great cook. He also enjoys cooking. I like cooking, but really only know how to cook a handful of things. When Warren and I first started living together, dinner was a team effort. Warren was alpha chef and I was beta. As beta, my duties involved […]