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What a Long, Strange, Trip it Was

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The invitation to my cousin’s bar mitzvah in Arizona seemed like the perfect excuse for a vacation. I convinced my husband to make a big trip of it — two weeks! Two weeks of adventure and exploring! Two weeks without washing dishes! A chance to explore the beauty of the southwest with my family — […]

The Drowning Pool

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Sitting through my child’s swimming classes was among the most heart-wrenching tasks of motherhood to date. Actually, years ago when his private instructor was a buff 22 year-old it wasn’t difficult to keep a close eye on him during lessons. However, when we signed up for group lessons through the park district it was a […]

(No) Thanks for the Mammaries

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In 1998 most moms-to-be knew that breast was best way to feed their babies, but I had my doubts. Having undergone a breast reduction more than 10 years earlier at the age of 18, I had concerns about my ability to breastfeed. During the surgical procedure milk ducts and nerves are sometimes cut, making breastfeeding […]