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Karen Pruitt Fowler

Karen Pruitt Fowler is an artist, writer and mother of toddlers, making her way through life on Virginia's scenic Eastern Shore. Her book reviews have appeared on Curled Up With a Good Book and elsewhere online, Karen's columns, articles and reviews have appeared on Absolute Write, The Writer's Gazette, The Writer's Room Magazine, Baby Café, and the Animal News Center. In print, her work has appeared in The Eastern Shore News, The Eastern Shore Post, and The Virginian-Pilot. Her fiction has appeared in small genre presses, and was also published in 2005 in True Confessions Magazine (proving, or course, that not all the "confessions" are true!).

Dreams Denied: The Feeling I Ruined My Life by Having Kids

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  There is a water stain on the ceiling above my bed, created one night when the roof decided to leak. I stare at it often, early in the morning, when the only thing stirring is my mind. While the sun is rekindled from blackened ash, thoughts of escape creep into my head. It is […]