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Little Miss Feminist

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Photo: © Rita Fiorentino Earlier this summer, the owner of my kids’ Taekwondo school sent us an e-mail. It said: I’d like to sponsor Katie for The Little Miss contest in our town. What would you think? I think she would be great! Can I have your permission to ask her? It was hard at […]

Starting Over

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“What will you do?” she asks. Right there in the middle of Cub Foods while shoving a box of Cheerios into her cart. After the question has been asked a few times, and you aren’t taken so off-guard by it, you stop your stammering and searching for an answer and instead you watch the woman […]

Where Oh Where Can It Be?

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I spend 30% of my time searching for some irreplaceable, invaluable piece of paper. I haven’t timed it, but it seems about right. Permission slips. Book tracking slips. Camp forms. Directions to doctor’s offices. Invitations to birthday parties. Sunday school calendars. Bowling schedules. And the list goes on and on. One problem is, these nuggets […]

Third Millennium Mom

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We’ve sworn off hydrogenated oils (or trans-fats they’re also called). Heard of them? They’re in everything. So far, I’ve found three types of cookies that don’t have them (Pepperidge Farms Pirouettes, Chessmen and the Newman’s Own brand Oreo-type cookies) and one type of cracker (melba toast). To swear off hydrogenated oils, it means that you […]