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Poor Cindermama

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Back when my daughter Olivia was a toddler, Disney re-released Cinderella on video and so I was treated to non-stop, continuous daily showings of the film. At the time, I didn’t appreciate the unending film loop, and was particularly annoyed by the “girl-saved-by-generic-prince” theme and the grating speech impediments of the talking mice. But lately, […]

Finding True Romance

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I was driving in my car, listening to the radio, when a local radio station announced that it had been polling the audience all day asking them to vote for the #1 Romantic Movie of All Time. And then it proudly announced that the winner of the poll was none other then…drumroll please…GHOST. At first, […]

Queer Eye for the Straight Mom

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Unless you live under a rock (or are nursing a newborn, which is the motherhood equivalent of living under a rock), you’ve probably heard about the smash Bravo hit Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The “FAB 5” as the team of gay decorators/designers/stylists have been dubbed, are absolutely everywhere — on magazine covers, network […]

Doing Their Jobs

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“Stop driving me crazy, ” I barked at my children in the drug store. Two-year-old Jared was wound up, and not about to let my cranky mood dampen his excitement. Five-year-old Olivia was apparently also ignoring my mental and physical collapse. “You don’t need to touch everything,” I screamed. “And stop pushing.” My yelling only […]