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Christina Deanne

Christina Deanne is married with three children, and is working on a speculative fiction novel.

A Mother’s Heartbreak over Aspergers Son’s Challenges

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I sat that cold January afternoon by the diving board watching our coats. Mark, his sister Grace and his little brother Vic were at the other end of the high school pool holding on to the side. My husband, Marty, was with them on this scouting party. A line of nine-year-old boys waited to jump […]

Red, Green and Yellowing

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Photo: Miroslaw Modzelewski When I was in sixth grade, my mom decided that we should recycle Christmas wrapping. Before you say what a great environmentalist she was, my mother recycled wrapping paper only because she didn’t want to buy any. I had to hand wash aluminum foil until it was a wrinkled, shredded ball that […]