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Meredith Bland blogs at Pile of Babies and has been published on the website the Errant Parent.

Don’t Care That I Brought Sick Child to Play Date

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  Dear Play Date Parent, Good evening. If my watch is correct, by now you should be shin-deep in vomit and explosive diarrhea. Expect this to continue for another 8-12 hours before your child slips into a damp, angry, sticky stupor. If you are slightly suspicious of my ability to foreshadow your next 24 hours, […]

An open letter from Blue Ivy Carter to her parents

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Dear Mom and Dad, Now that we have had some time to settle in and I have gotten to know you, I wanted to write you a letter to say thank you for a few things. First of all, I wanted to give you a huge THANK YOU for shelling out for the extra cash […]